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Battery module BM3612.02


Sofort verfügbar, Lieferzeit: 1-2 weeks

Product number: BM3612.02
Product information "Battery module BM3612.02"

Battery module 36V, 12Ah

The BM3612.02 battery module consists of a high-quality, powder-coated sheet steel housing, which is optically refined by screen printing. Connection has never been so easy - a high-current battery connector, compatible e.g. with the Anderson SBS50, ensures a safe and reliable connection, simple plugging and unplugging and maximum compatibility. The scope of delivery also includes a pre-assembled 1 m cable for connection to the uninterruptible power supply Loxone Power Supply & Backup - for you, this means plug-and-play. In addition, several modules can be connected in parallel using our Y-connector. This has the advantage that the capacity adds up and your application can be supplied for even longer in the event of a power failure!

Output data:
Rated voltage 36 VDC
Connection technology: 50A high-current battery connector, genderless
Technical data:
Weight: approx. 11kg
Permissible temperatures: -15...+40°C
Dimensions (max) : 360 x 161 x 134mm
Scope of delivery:
1x Battery module BM3612.02
1x Connection cable to Loxone Power Supply & Backup (1m)
2x Spare flat fuse (58V/30A) for mounting in the fuse holder.

*If the module is not permanently connected to the Loxone Power Supply & Backup, please recharge after 9 months at the latest. Otherwise the batteries may be permanently damaged.

DC Ausgang: 36 VDC
Kapazität: 12Ah