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Y-connector 50A


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Product number: M10518
Product information "Y-connector 50A"

Y-connector 50A

In addition to our battery module BM3612.02 you can purchase our Y-connector. With this, several modules can be connected in parallel. This has the advantage that the capacity adds up and your application can be supplied for even longer in the event of a power failure!
The Y-connector allows you to expand your uninterruptible power supply Loxone Power Supply & Backup. Our Y-connector is particularly characterised by its ease of use. The cables we use guarantee reliable and long-lasting functionality. At the same time, they can withstand a maximum temperature of up to 105 °C. The special protection of the cables of our Y-connector is ensured by the heat shrink tubing.
Output data:
  • Rated voltage: 36 VDC
  • Connection technology: 50A high-current battery connector, genderless
Technical data:
  • Weight: approx. Permissible temperatures: up to 105°C
  • Length A: 5
  • 0mm Length B: 500 mm