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Batteries & Accumulators

Battery Module BM3612.01/02:

What is a battery module?

A battery module is a combination of multiple individual batteries that are connected in series or parallel to deliver either a higher voltage or capacity. In our battery modules, we use three 12V/12Ah lead-acid batteries connected in series as individual batteries.

What voltage does the battery module operate at?

The battery modules available in our shop, BM3612.01 and BM3612.02, deliver a voltage of 36V, making them ideal as backup batteries for Loxone Power Supply and Backup.

What capacity does the battery module have?

Both modules have a capacity of 12 Ah.

What does the capacity indicate for the battery modules?

Capacity is a measure of the amount of charge that the battery module can store. The unit is ampere-hours (Ah). Therefore, 12 Ah means that the module can deliver 12A for 1 hour.

At what ambient temperature should I operate my battery module optimally?

The optimal ambient temperature for operating the battery module is room temperature. Excessively high ambient temperatures can negatively affect the battery life. You can find more specific information in the datasheet as well.

How long can I power my application with the battery module?

That depends on your application. The fully charged battery module can deliver 12A for 1 hour. If your consumption, for example, is 24A, the battery module can supply this current for only 30 minutes.

Can I connect battery modules in parallel?

Both battery modules can be connected in parallel. The BM3612.02 is even easier to connect in parallel due to the high-current connector. With the Y-connector available in the shop, you can parallel connect multiple modules more easily. The advantage is that the capacity adds up, allowing you to power your application for an even longer period.

What is the runtime/lifespan of my battery module?

The lifespan of the battery module depends on various factors such as ambient temperature, number of charge and discharge cycles, and depth of discharge. Under optimal conditions, you can expect a lifespan of approximately 5 years.

Can I replace the lead-acid battery in my battery module?

The lead-acid batteries in the battery module can be replaced. You can get replacement batteries from our online shop.

How do I maintain my battery module?

The battery module is maintenance-free.

Will my battery module be recharged by the Loxone Power Supply & Backup?

Yes, the Loxone Power Supply & Backup has intelligent charging management and can charge the batteries with up to 2A charging current.

What should I consider when connecting it to the Loxone Power Supply & Backup?

Please ensure that the battery module is correctly connected with the proper polarity to the Loxone Power Supply & Backup.