The sale of our goods is exclusively to commercial customers! For private customers we recommend our partner stores.


Welcome to our exclusive partner shops!

We are delighted to present to you a carefully curated selection of renowned partner shops that offer our high-quality products. While our online shop is exclusively reserved for commercial customers, non-commercial customers also have the opportunity to acquire our premium products through our partner shops. Our partner shops are known for their reliability, quality, and excellent customer service.

Become our business-partner - It´s as easy as 1-2-3!

At Akkus-Kaufen, we value partnerships with customers who wish to distribute our high-quality products. To become an official partner, we offer a clear and straightforward registration process. Simply follow the steps below to enjoy the exclusive benefits of being an Akkus-Kaufen partner.

How to Become an Akkus-Kaufen Business Partner

New registration: Register as a commercial customeron our website an indicate during the registration process that you are aspiring th archieve our partner status.

Status Selection: Choose your Loxone partner status during registraion, and it will be directly adopted by us. If you arne not a Loxone Partner, you can enter our partner program as a member. We offer four different partner levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Member.

Verification: After your registration and status selection, we will review your request and contact you th ensure that all necessary information is provided.

Assumption of Partner Status:  After successful verification, your partner status will be assumed by us, granting you access to exclusive

After successful verification, we will take over your partner status. This gives you access to exclusive benefits and discounts. The check usually takes around 24 hours.

Choos your Loxone partner status during registration, and it will be directly adopted by us. If you are not a Loxone partner, you can enter our partner progra, as a member. We offer four different partner levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Member.

Sales targets for non-Loxone partners: Earn more every step of the way!

To further reward your efforts and succes as a valued partner of Akkus-Kaufen, we are pleased to introduce our sales targets. These execlusive targets are specifically designed for non-Loxone partners and allow you to earn more with every milestone you reach.

Sales targets per year

  • Up to 750€ turnover: Archieve this target and get an attractive 10% discount on you.
  • From 1500€ turnover: Increase your stake and receive a generous 15% discount.
  • From 2000€ turnover: The next level! With a turnover of 2000€ or more, you will receive an impressive 20% discount.
  • From 2500€ turnover: Maximize your earning potential! From a turnover of 2500€ or more, your discount will be increased to an outstanding 25%.

These targets are designed to reward your commitment and success. We are confidental that these sales targets will help youincrease your revenue. Thank you for your partnershio and continued commitment to Akkus-Kaufen.